Personnalisation de bijoux

The jewel has an emotional function which accompanies its beneficiary in all stages of life: birth, baptism, majority, engagement, PACS, marriage, birthdays...



Maison Vanité offers to personalize your jewelry with laser or hand engraving. Word and typography are chosen according to your taste, your budget and our advice.

This subcontracting takes place in France, in a Bordeaux workshop for laser or with a Marais craftsman in Paris for hand engraving.



All of the brand's jewelry is also available in 750 thousandths (18 carat) yellow, pink or gray gold depending on your choice.

A quote will need to be established in advance based on the gold price to budget for the project. You can bring jewelry to recycle for this.

The price of gold jewelry is in no way comparable to that of silver or vermeil jewelry ( see the explanation on alloys in the 'The brand' menu).


I also remain available for possible completely new projects that you might have an idea for. Do not hesitate to offer me your gold to recycle. We can custom create a new piece of jewelry from one or more of your old ones (gold, gems, etc.).

Each of these steps may require additional time. You will be informed of this during special discussions with the jewelry designer at the time of the quote. Everything will then happen live by telephone, email or by appointment at the workshop.

Jewelry personalization: how does it work?

At Maison Vanité , we offer you the possibility of personalizing your jewelry by
a few clicks, a call or by stopping by the workshop for a reception by appointment.

Here are the steps to follow to create your custom jewelry:

1. Choose the type of jewelry you want to personalize: necklace, bracelet, ring,
pendant, earrings or brooch.
2. Choose the metal you prefer: 18k gold, solid silver or vermeil. YOU
You can also choose the metal color: yellow gold, rose gold or white gold.
3. Choose the nature and color of the stone that you like: the purity of a diamond, the red of garnet,
the blue of a topaz or turquoise, a baroque pearl
4. Choose the engraving you want to add to the jewelry: a first name, a date,
an initial, a sweet word, a quote or a message. You can also
choose the font, size and orientation of the engraving.
5. Validate your order and receive your personalized jewelry at home, in a
recycled and refined case.

Jewelry personalization: why choose us?

At Maison Vanité, we are committed to offering you jewelry that suits you, that
express your personality, your style and your story. This is why we created
a jewelry personalization offer, which allows you to:

● Create a unique and authentic piece of jewelry, which is unlike any other.
● Make a personalized and tailor-made gift, which will touch the heart of the person
who will receive it.
● Treat yourself and please yourself, by offering yourself a piece of jewelry that suits you.

Our jewelry personalization offer is distinguished by:

● Its artisanal character: all our jewelry is handmade, in our workshop located
in France, by a passionate and experienced craftswoman. We respect the
traditions and know-how of jewelry, while bringing a touch of creativity
and originality.
● Its quality: we use precious materials, therefore noble and durable: gold,
solid silver, vermeil. We take care of the details and finishes, for you
guarantee elegant, refined and resistant jewelry.