Maison Vanité : atelier de création de bijoux précieux à Bordeaux


My mother is a painter. She introduced me to drawing, painting, and art history. From these lessons comes a love of images. My first job in cinema photography lasted 15 years.
She transmits to me her fantasy and her rebellious spirit.

My father is a doctor. He made me aware of anatomy and botany.
I am passionate about corals, mother-of-pearl, shells, stuffed animals, skeletons, skulls, cabinets of curiosities.
My free time is devoted to hunting them down, to give them a second life and better assemble them into unique compositions and stage them.
He transmits his humor and his attention to detail to me.

You add a pinch of rock and armadillos, religion (Memento Mori/icons/dances of death), symbols, Antiquity and a good splash of humanity: Maison Vanité is born.

My values

Maison Vanité is committed to respecting the values ​​it proudly advocates, an artisanal entity respectful of man and nature.
Our collections are made with our head, our hands and our heart.


    Trained at the Saumur jewelry institute, I strive to make each piece of jewelry by hand in my capacity as a craftswoman.

    My wish is to highlight the human imprint, to highlight the imperfect gesture which will make the object original and all its beauty. I am a jeweler who handcrafts unique and tailor-made creations.

    I favor the recycling of metal while respecting the environment as well as the suppliers and subcontractors with whom I associate. Their RJC label guarantees a company policy that respects ethical, social and environmental issues. The gilder I use guarantees 0 waste when reprocessing them. The jewelry is ethical and responsible.

    I loudly defend “made in France”. What is not made in Bordeaux is made in the Marais in Paris.

    I work artisanally to order in small series in order to avoid overproduction and then destocking, avoid unnecessary additional costs - energy, financial, human - and to offer an adequate quality-price ratio.


    Our jewels are in 925 silver, vermeil and 750 thousandth gold (18 carats).

    925 silver is not rhodium-plated. It remains natural with an appearance which, with time, air and its history, will oxidize.

    The vermeil is 925 silver covered with 5 microns of 999 gold (24 cts). Unlike gold plated which is brass covered with 3 microns of gold (most often 14 or 9 cts) or a simple flash.
    Vermeil has a superior hold thanks to the thickness of gold that covers it. It is doubly precious: by the silver which constitutes it and by the alloy which makes it gold! It therefore needs to be pampered so that its holding time is optimal.
    Maison Vanité will provide you with a maintenance certificate upon your purchase. We are committed to a 1 year warranty and to offering you a restoration service.

    Each piece of jewelry can also be made of 750 thousandths (18 carat) gold upon order and quote.


    Gender diversity: products are designed freely without thinking about their categorization by gender. The store arranges them by collection name or shape (ring, bracelet, earrings, necklace, brooch) and not by women's/men's range. Everyone puts what they like as they like.

    Social diversity: Maison Vanité offers a range of prices that allows every budget to be found thanks to the diversity of models, materials, and depending on the degree of personalization of the jewelry .

    Cultural diversity: Maison Vanité likes mixing, open borders and an open mind. This is illustrated by its multiple artistic references - photography, cinema, music, painting, mythology - from all periods - Antiquity, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, contemporary period.

  • Each alloy has a more or less high rate of gold or silver, which has an impact on the price of the jewelry.

    Thousandths have legally replaced carats.

    In each alloy there is a percentage of gold, silver... which will also give the color of this metal in addition to its value.
    An informed customer will thus better estimate what he is buying.

    Transparency and traceability are essential.
    In this sense, the manufacturer's hallmark affixed to the jewel (if the size allows it without deformation) guarantees the origin of your purchase.

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Are you dreaming of a piece of jewelry that enhances you and expresses your originality? You want to do
please a loved one with a unique and personalized gift? Are you looking for a
creative artisan who combines know-how and ethics? Look no further, you have found it! I
am Julie Gaujour, the creator of handmade jewelry Maison Vanité, an eco jewelry brand
responsible for precious metals in Bordeaux. I am an art craftsman. I invite you to discover my customization options, my universe, my
creations. And for the more adventurous, I also offer jewelry creation workshops in Bordeaux .

The customization options offered

At Maison Vanité, each piece of jewelry is designed with care and passion, respecting
environment and ethical standards. To make your jewelry unique, I offer you the
possibility of personalizing it according to your wishes. You can choose :

● The shape: ring, earrings, pendant, bracelet, necklace, brooch, etc.
● Metal: 925 silver, vermeil, 750 gold (18 carats), etc.
● Color: white, yellow, pink, black, etc.
● Natural fine (semi-precious) stone: topaz, amethyst, turquoise, malachite,
coral, cultured pearl, lapis lazuli, quartz, onyx, jasper, mother-of-pearl
● Size: adjustable, custom, standard, etc.
● Engraving: a first name, a date, a quote, a symbol, etc.

You can also share your ideas, your inspirations, your desires with me. I
I will be happy to create a custom piece of jewelry that will suit you perfectly.

Embrace timeless sparkle with an artisanal piece of jewelry

You will have understood, Maison Vanité is more than just a jewelry brand. It's a
invitation to enter a unique universe, where art, nature, history, spirituality mingle,
glamour. It is a proposal to create a unique link with a piece of jewelry that resembles you, that
sublimes you, which accompanies you. This is an opportunity to support a creative artisan
which is committed to ethical and responsible jewelry.

So, don’t wait any longer, come and discover my creations on my Maison Vanité website, or
contact me for a customization request. I will be delighted to welcome you,

advise you, to share my passion with you. Together, let's create timeless radiance
with an artisanal piece of jewelry.