A question that I get asked very regularly at trade shows, markets or in the workshop: WHAT IS VERMEIL?

Vermeil: a precious metal.

The vermeil is made of solid silver covered with a thickness of gold of 5 microns. In France, this gold alloy must be at least 18 carats (750 thousandths) to legally hold the designation of vermeil. Maison Vanité jewelry is made of 24-carat vermeil, therefore with an even higher proportion of gold in the alloy. Some countries are more likely to use 9 (375 thousandths) or 14 (545 thousandths) carats.

Vermeil being a precious metal, it is subject to the same regulations as silver or gold: declaration, hallmarks for traceability and guarantee.

3 criteria therefore define vermeil: its massive material, its surface alloy and its thickness.

The surface treatment is carried out by a specialized gilder who uses different baths depending on the desired alloy (percentage of gold and color). He assembles the pieces to be immersed in the baths on a wire to group and find each element. These baths deposit gold by an electrolysis system called electroplating.

Vermeil and gold plated

Unlike plated which is on a non-precious brass base, this can be covered with a flash of 3 microns of Gold.

goldfilled recently appears on the market

Vermeil and gold

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